24.09.2008 Her blood will run on dark nights of october. Monster Patrol are in the studio and purpose is to record six song EP titled "Her Blood Came Running".

24.09.2008 Monster Patrol´s ass kicking song "Bus Stop" can be found on 272 Records "Punk Kills Vol. 6" compilation. Release date: September 30, 2008. Click here for more information about Punk Kills Vol. 6

24.09.2008 Monster Patrol on mukana Metal Grand Prix 2008 bändiskabassa. Äänestys alkaa kotvasen päästä osoitteessa: www.metalgrandprix.fi.

07.02.2008 New Monster Patrol site online. Site by tuomosgarage.com.

07.02.2008 Monster Patrol scores 4/5 on stalkermusic.com review. Sorry, in Finnish only. Also Lost, Wasted and Fucked EP review finds on new Inferno magazine.

08.07.2007 Download Lost, Wasted & Fucked EP separate MP3 files or ZIP pack. 192kbit, 44100Hz Stereo.

6ft Under The Poverty Line 1.6MB
Bus Stop 1.8MB
Fill Up 2.7MB
My Garage 2.1MB
Out From Her Shadows 2.3MB
Bad Haircut 1.6MB
We Paid For Blood 1.7MB
Lullaby 5.0MB

Lost, Wasted & Fucked ZIP pack 17.9MB

12.06.2007 Eight Monster Patrol songs have been taped beginning of June 2007. Get yourself to www.myspace.com/monsterpatrol and check out four asskicking songs.

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